Meet Xeelo. The most innovative business tool.

Xeelo is a software platform which will increase your existing business performance exponentially. Whether you need to refine your existing ERP, better integrate many different systems and control master data, or just need a simple standalone workflow/document management tool for your business users to be more effective, Xeelo is the way to go.

It integrates painlessly with your key systems, helping you build on your existing IT investments and tools without having to replace applications that work. It will bring a new element of user friendly automation to your business and provide a single control center & dashboard to monitor your corporate performance and efficiency.

Xeelo lets you focus on your business. Everything else leave to Xeelo.

Fully configurable and interactive forms.

Common applications usually have lots of fields that users don’t understand, and those you would need are quite hard to add.

Not like in Xeelo. You can set up everything using drag & drop, just choose one of 18 elements and place it where you want.

Xeelo enables you to set various conditions and set up how each element should behave (e.g. when it should appear, when it needs to be mandatory or how its value influence the workflow as well as setup all calculations).

Easily configurable workflows

No matter how complex workflow you have. Xeelo can run both simple ones as well as very complex ones with plenty of conditions and exceptions.

You can start with a simple workflow and add new and new steps as you need, rather than waiting to build the entire process at the beginning.

Workflows can work based on various conditions, as the business requires. You can setup Actions, Conditions, Exports, Calculations, Messages, Notifications or special actions, which enables you to configure even very complex workflows without coding.

Xeelo includes plenty of great features for your entire company

Companies & Types

Multiple companies

In Xeelo, you can manage multiple companies to keep data, workflows and other settings separated.

Object types

Object types represent grouping of processes. You can clearly organize your processes according their department or focus of work.



Objects represent a base of your processes – Xeelo provides rich functionality for building both simple forms as well as very complex ones. You can drag & drop any of 18 elements to design a form which perfectly fits to your process and set up various conditions, calculations and templates, which determine how the form and the workflow is going to behave.


Data on a form can be entered manually, or filled in automatically from other sources – both from Xeelo itself (e.g. from other forms) as well as from other application where you keep your data. This avoids re-entering the same data multiple times.


Re-entering the same data is something that kills user productivity and slows down all processes. Therefore in Xeelo, you can always fill in the data based on the selected value – e.g. choose your supplier and let Xeelo populate all information about the company.


Calendars allow you to define different working time depending on colleagues’ time zones.


Sub-grids extend possibilities of storing information in a table, which gives you a better interpretation of the data as well as various possibilities going forward.


Xeelo can populate numbers into a particular element on a form according to the numerical series you defined – e.g. on invoices, handover protocols and or any documents.


Periodic is a feature which never sleeps – it keeps your data or reports automatically refreshed and recalculated.

Label Translation

We know that there are many people working with Xeelo within organizations. Not all of them are comfortable with English speaking systems. Translation of forms is a standard for us, so that you can create any language mutations for your employees to feel comfortable while working with Xeelo forms.



Workflows are the absolute beauty of Xeelo. It can determinate whose approval is required based on given conditions, so that users don’t need to think about who to ask for an approval – Xeelo will manage it automatically. It can handle simple ones as well as very complex and corporate ones (e.g. Purchase Orders with multidimensional approval matrix) – all with absolutely no coding required!


Statuses represent workflow steps that a given process needs to go through in order to reach the end.


When creating a workflow, you always work with a combination of Roles and Statuses. This gives you a great flexibility and configurability, as you can assign requests within a given process to particular roles.



We know that there are many users in organizations, who don’t work with Xeelo all day long. Therefore you can easily set up Notifications to ensure that users are notified about new tasks or requests for approval. Notifications can also work as a way of escalation, if needed.


You are probably used to work with reports on top of your data. What you might be missing is insight into the efficiency of your processes. As Xeelo measures and tracks everything, it provides you with a great reporting outputs to see where potential bottlenecks are, which team performs well and which not or simple to see why your requests take so long to be approved. The reports can be viewed directly in Xeelo, or you can combine the process efficiency results with your data in Microsoft Power BI or Excel.

Audit Log

Audit Log provides all necessary information about activities of your administrators. There is no way how to change the data without logging it.

User Activity

User Activity provides all necessary information about activity of your users.


Instead of sending a Word document into a workflow, Xeelo works directly with the data that needs to be fill in, revived or approved. Once everything is fine, Xeelo fills all the data into a Printout (which is a sort of template, which you can fully set up from a design and content perspective) and automatically generates a PDF document. This document can be generated automatically in a particular step within a workflow, sent to a counterparty, stored anywhere you want or downloaded and printed.

Audit Report

Xeelo tracks every single activity. All can be easily exported into Excel to investigate what happened and when. It tracks workflows as well as changes within forms. But not only that – it also monitors all user activity, even if a user doesn’t change anything, just viewing data.


The system also checks itself. You and your administrators always have insight in the application health.

Data Classification

You can define various rules for any output from Xeelo platform. Therefore GDPR is not a challenge for Xeelo anymore!

Exports & Imports


Sometimes playing with the data is more easier in Excel. Therefore you have always the possibility to export it into it.

Object Services

Object Services define a web service connection.


You can import your data into Xeelo in a structured way.

Query Stores

Query Store

Anytime your IT administrators need to execute a SQL statement to get information from your database, they can just use statements available in the store.

Query Store Log

Each execution of a SQL statement in the Query Store is logged. The list is available for the administrator in the Query Store Log.


Application Settings

Contains settings of entire application.

Storage Settings

Xeelo provides you with a choice to set up, where your data should be stored. You can choose whether it will be a Xeelo database, other database, a file server, Microsoft SharePoint or Azure Blob Storage.


Jobs maintain your system and send you notifications, execute schedulers or OCR analysis of your documents.


Xeelo offers a solid set of scheduling, so that it works without your inputs as much as it can. You can set up when it will refresh a particular report, backup the data or do anything you need in a given time.


Global variables can be used across the Xeelo platform.


Xeelo is licensed in a very simple and transparent way. All necessary information about your license is stored in Xeelo.

User Management


In Xeelo you can easily add a new user, grant or restrict rights of existing users or disable notifications for any of them.

Unsubscribed Users

Users being notified by Xeelo have always the right to opt out. You can view those who opted out for any reason.

LDAP Configuration

Xeelo natively supports Active Directory (as well as Azure AD and ADFS), so that you can integrate Xeelo into your application ecosystem and provide your employees the comfort of Single Sign On.

User Delegation

When adding a colleague, you don’t need to set up all access rights one by one – you can delegate rights of an existing user.


Bigger companies and corporations usually have complex structures. Xeelo has been built to reflect any level of complexity without coding. You can easily set up OrgCharts so that users see exactly what they should. You can also use OrgCharts to get the desired complexity into your workflows – sometimes you want to approve according to various hierarchies, include dotted line managers, departments etc.


Many users use their mobile devices – both during their work or when they travel. Xeelo offers its own free mobile application available for iOS and Android devices. You can allow particular users to connect the application with Xeelo using an easy registration wizard.

Application Setup

Database Transfer

Xeelo is one of a few platforms which gives you the comfort of transferring the database between environments.

Object Transfer

You don’t need to migrate the entire database, if you added just a few things. You can transfer just the newly created or changed objects.

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