All processes in a single platform.

Wrap up your existing systems with a flexible and fully configurable layer.

Don't complain. Just comply.

Xeelo GDPR is a unique solution which helps you become & stay compliant.

92% of customers faced slow processes.

If you face the same issues, Xeelo is here to help you!

How can you benefit from using Xeelo?

Get rid of manual processes
Avoid coversheets on your Invoices and other documents. Avoid sending Excel & Word forms across your company. Stop your employees from requesting and approving over e-mails and papers. Dispose of lack of control, mistakes, manual work and lack of transparency.
Digitize all your processes by Xeelo
Xeelo can handle all your processes - no matter how complex or unique they are. You will always know where and how long a single request is currently being pending or who has approved it.
Stop relying on different data across your systems
Don't spend your time by investigating which version of your data is correct. Avoid wasting time of your employees by making them enter the same data multiple times. Don't be afraid of integrating your systems.
Get a single source of the truth with Xeelo
Xeelo has been built to maintain the golden record and manage the way how data flows across all your systems. Therefore all systems have the right and current data, which you can rely on.
Don't waste time on repetitive tasks
If your employees fill in handover protocols and contracts manually, they will never be as productive as they could. Don't use the workforce for tasks which can be easily automated. Don't face lost documents and data breaches.
Generate documents automatically from Xeelo
There is nothing easier than to use the data in Xeelo for documents you often create. These can be created with one click during workflows. No typos, no mistakes, no employees' efforts. Use their time on tasks that computers can't do instead!

Which customers trust Xeelo?

Why do customers choose Xeelo for their digital transformation?

It's simple

We’ve designed Xeelo to be optimized for the most common users and business use cases, but we have powerful features that allow us to understand and deal with extremely complex activities & conditions, without having to reflect this in the user experience.

It's adaptive

As the business changes every day, Xeelo has been built in a way which fully reflects your continuously changing needs. Most of our customers adjust and evolve Xeelo themselves without wasting time and money. They have the system that fits their needs immediately.

It's cost effective

Our aim is 100% employee adoption. Therefore, every user who needs to submit requests is free. You pay just for those who decide and approve. You can choose between perpetual and subscription licensing models as well as cloud and on-premise deployment.

Xeelo is not just another application in your IT environment. It’s a flexible platform which wraps around your existing systems to get maximum from them while giving your users a single user interface to solve their tasks from one place.